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Rosebud Pleasure

The anus is often called the rosebud because of the way it opens to pleasure when approached safely and with respect.

This is a hands-on workshop tutorial on how to give and receive an external anal massage. The anus is an often forgotten part of our sexuality with many stigmas and taboos surrounding the pleasure we can experience through anal touch and massage.

19:30 – 22:00 Sunday 23 February 2020

Tara Yoga Centre

Parvati Studio

25-31 Ironmonger Row

Old Street



Why anal pleasure? Many people wish to learn more about how to experience anal pleasure, but have been too afraid to explore or have had bad past experiences. Join us for a taboo and judgement free evening of exploration!

By approaching the anus with knowledge and care, we can give and experience anal pleasure in many ways. The anus is fun! Let’s enjoy it!

In this workshop you will learn about:

– Various ways to enjoy anal pleasure including touch and massage

– The anatomy of the anus

– Relaxation and health benefits of anal pleasure

– How to approach the anus and avoid pain

– Maintaining anal health and relevant exercises

– Anal orgasms

The second half of the workshop includes pairing up into pairs with a giver and receiver of an anal massage. There will also be demonstration and all touch is with full consent only. Good communication is very important for everyone to feel at ease and within consent. Nobody is expected to participate in any way. Clothing is optional during the massage. Please follow the sanitation instructions given during the workshop.

Most importantly: No Pain EVER!

We will learn to how to give an anal massage without pain, but that requires the receiver to communicate if they feel pain and the giver to respect their wishes. Anyone who does not respect these requirements will be asked to leave.

This is a great workshop for couples who wish to explore anal pleasure, but singles are also welcome. Please however be aware that partners may not be available at the workshop to practise on. All sexualities and sexual identities are welcome

I ask you to respect the other participants in the room and please refrain from crude comments. Actually, please refrain from any comments for the comfort of all participants. Do no stare at other people as it can seem creepy! Lots of towels will be provided for cleaning and “accidents” that are perfectly fine and normal.

If you wish to give an anal massage then education, gloves, oil/lubricant and sanitation will be provided. All massages are gloved only.

If you wish to receive an anal massage or not sure yet, then please try to defecate at least within an hour before the start of the workshop and try not to eat a large meal in the 3 hours before the start.

Please arrive with an open mind and a sense of adventure! 

Wisdom through pleasure - Somatic sexologist - Anatomy, Pleasure, Orgasm

An educational talk and workshop about the human anatomy that affects our pleasure.

Address: Studio Soma, Unit 2, 231 Stoke Newington Church Street, London, N16 9HP

Date: 19:00 – 20:30 Friday 28 February 2020

This workshop is open to everyone older than 18.
It’ll mostly be a presentation and talk, but with a few interactions and breathing exercises. There is no expectation to partake if you feel uncomfortable.

We’ll mostly be discussing the human anatomy that relates to pleasure. Not just the various organs, but also the nervous system, muscles and neuroscience behind it all.
This is for anyone who wishes to learn to feel more pleasure in their lives.

– How male and female sexual anatomies are similar
– The anatomy of arousal and orgasm
– How the nervous system and muscles affect pleasure
– New ways to find pleasure
– About exercises for sexual well-being
– Different types of orgasms

Dress is casual
Bring: A sense of curiosity about human pleasure!


Tailor Matched Sexual Self 1
Tailor Matched Sexual Self 2
Tailor Matched Sexual Self 3

Tailor Matched invited me to a talk about your sexual language on 19 of March 2020 at 19:00

Your Sexual Language – Your sexual Exploration. Join our panel designed to enhance your sexual satisfaction.


Sankktuary in the City

I’ll be joining Lola Jean on 21 of March 2020 at 10:00 for Sankktuary in the City hosted by Killing Kittens.

Join us for a marvellous day of back-to-back workshops!

What is Urethral Sounding?


I was recently included in a Men’s Health article about urethral sounding. Check it out

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Tantric Temple night on 25 January 2020: Link

Thank you Vicky for a lovely Tantric evening!

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Be more OrgasmicBe more Orgasmic! workshop – Sunday 09 February 2020

Thank you all for coming and making it a fun and educational evening!