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Orgasm coaching

Orgasm coaching

What is Orgasm Coaching?Wisdom through pleasure - Somatic coaching orgasm - Cambodia

An orgasmic coaching session has a specific intention: to become more orgasmic. The coaching is mostly about learning to be more in touch with your orgasm through focus, practice and education. Each person is however different and therefore the required exercises are tailored to specific circumstances.

I specialise in orgasms specifically and therefore offer these sessions where you will learn the various exercises and orgasmic breathing to be more connected to your orgasm.

The direct route to orgasm

One of the biggest misconceptions about orgasms is that we receive it from another–or that it is something that is done to us. We actually already own our ability to orgasm with ourselves and the stimulus is really just facilitating the path to orgasm we already created within ourselves. We developed associations with certain types of sensations to a get to orgasm during our early developmental years. If someone then touches us in this way, we think they “gave” us an orgasm. How nice of them, but if we had not developed the associations, then it would not be possible.

During development, our bodies came up with many ways for us to achieve orgasm. It wants us to have orgasm. We develop fantasies, sounds, movements and mostly commonly genital touch as ways to access our orgasm. The body is wise. We can however change these paths to orgasm through various exercises and focus. Our nervous systems are incredibly flexible and adaptive. Ever noticed how your fantasies might change or that your preferred way to be touched changed over time. This is how your body is adapting and developing new pathways to orgasm.

We then search our entire lives looking for different ways to achieve orgasm and try different things in the hope that our bodies will adapt again. Some never find any pathway that works and others find many exciting (and sometimes exotic!) ways to orgasm. We also become dependent on others to give us pleasure in a certain way that works best for us.

So what does it mean to own your own orgasm? How would it feel to be in control of your own orgasm? 

This is called the direct route to orgasm. Our mind is directly linked to our orgasm itself and we are free to adjust the way we orgasm. We are fully connected and embodied within the orgasm ourselves. Amazing right? Well, it is indeed possible

Wisdom through pleasure - Somatic coaching orgasm - ChinaHow to become more orgasmic

By using our understanding of pleasure and orgasm, there are certain exercises and techniques (e.g. orgasmic breathing) we can use to learn to be more orgasmic. Everyone is different and we have all developed many different pathways to orgasm. We however then use these pathways to strengthen our direct route to orgasm. The more we practise, then stronger the direct route to orgasm becomes. Practise, in this context, requires focus. 

Over time we then lose our dependency on the other pathways and have a better embodied understanding of our orgasms. As we grow our connection to orgasm, this then opens doors to bigger, longer and more powerful orgasms. 

My Story

I am psycholagnic, meaning I can orgasm purely by thinking about it. I do not need to be aroused, touched or even think of any fantasies to do this, I simply think about the orgasm. It is a thought within and about the body, meaning I’m focusing on specific areas of my body. Over time I learnt that I could orgasm in almost any part of my body and that the orgasms can also feel very different. I also learnt how to keep an orgasm going for as long as I want. I’ve lost count of all the types of orgasms and found that defining them loses meaning when your imagination is the only limit.

I learnt how to do this. It didn’t happen by accident and I’m not specially talented. It took a lot of exercises and time, but I also believe anyone can do it. This is what I teach, but don’t let that be your only aim. There are many orgasmic experiences one can have while doing these same exercises. Most people have bigger orgasms and become multi-orgasmic fairly quickly. 

This is the core of orgasmic coaching.