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Certified sexological bodyworker and orgasm coach

Jacques Marais

I am a certified sexological bodyworker and orgasm coach. As a somatic sexologist, I help people feel more pleasure in their bodies and hence move toward sexual well-being. 

Sessions mainly focus on bringing your attention to your body and exploring what you may to want bring into your sexual life. Speciality sessions are in relation to becoming more orgasmic.

Sexological Bodywork

Experiencing pleasure is the essence of celebrating being human

Reasons for booking a session with me:

  • Moving toward sexual well-being
  • Feel more pleasure
  • Feel more in touch with your body
  • Learn more about how to improve your sex life
  • Sexual issues and somatic education
  • Learn acceptance, consent and sexual empowerment 

I work with individuals, couples or groups

Sexological Bodywork, Wisdom through Pleasure, Jacques Marais, Somatic sexologist

Orgasm coaching

An orgasm is our body’s way of celebrating pleasure

Do you struggle to orgasm?

Or you would like to experience larger and longer orgasms?

Because maybe you wish to learn to be multi-orgasmic or have many types of orgasms?

Let me help you reach your full orgasmic potential!

These are therefore specialised orgasm coaching sessions and can often lead to large changes over a short period of time.

Sexological bodywork Orgasm, somatic sexologist

Sexual well-being

There are many other benefits to receiving a session

  • Hear your body’s wisdom
  • Most importantly, feel sexually satisfied
  • Learn exercises to help with sexual well-being
  • Be confident and empowered in everyday life
  • Acceptance as a means toward healing
  • Somatic sexologist’s education of your body and sexuality
  • Expansion of your sexual self
  • Learn new ways to be sexual with your body
  • Make better life choices by listening to your body
  • Learn to be more sensual and intimate
  • Learn about various sensual massage techniques
  • Understanding your own boundaries and boundary setting
  • Because somatic education about how our nervous systems affect our sexual well-being can be helpful in our daily lives

Sexual wellbeing, sexological bodywork

  • Knowing what you desire
  • Be more orgasmic
  • Ejaculation choice
  • Sexual exploration education
  • Being sexual with a disability
  • Let go of unwanted sexual habits or obsessions
  • Breathing techniques that help us in our daily lives
  • Healing from scars or wounds that affect you sexually
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How may I help you?

Embodiment, our ability to feel into our bodies, is key to sexual well-being



Meet me one-on-one,
as a couple or group workshops


Orgasm Coaching

Learn how to become more orgasmic through these specifically tailored sessions



Sometimes it is easier to talk online. Many of the somatic sexologist education and exercises can be explained through face-to-face calls.

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